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Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I receiving more than one bill for the same procedure?
There are a number of separate charges associated with your procedure. You MAY receive charges from several companies.

  • Our Center – facility fee for your procedure.
  • Your physicians’s office – his/her fee for performing your procedure.
  • Anesthesiologist – his/her fee for anesthesia services for procedure.
  • Radiology – services for x-ray, if required.
  • Pathology – services for tissue specimens removed during your procedure requiring further examination.
  • Laboratory – services for laboratory tests run on specimens removed during your procedure.

What type of credit cards do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and CareCredit. You are welcome to visit the CareCredit website at: to pre-apply for their services before the date of your procedure.

When should I expect my first bill?
We will collect estimated amount due on the day of your procedure and will bill any remaining balance due after your insurance has paid your claim.  There may be a delay if your insurance company has paid us incorrectly and we have re-submitted your claim for a corrected payment and allowance determination.

Do you charge interest?

Are we able to set up a payment plan?

Payment options are available if needed, please call the facility to discuss what can be offered.

What is your credit and payment policy?
Unless arrangements are made in advance, full payment is due within 60 days of your procedure. Elective and cosmetic procedures must be paid in full prior to your procedure date.

We will submit insurance claims for you. We may request that your deductible and copay amounts are paid on or before the date of your procedure. You will receive a notice from us regarding the amount to pay.

If you anticipate difficulty in paying your bill within the 60 day period please let us know immediately.